This is my third and final (not really sure) post in an informal series about my experience in Cisco Live US Las Vegas 2016.

If you have read the previous two, you already know about my profound love for DevNet. It is a wonderful place to learn and with lots of people ready to listen and help.

Disrupt yourself

One of the things I like about DevNet is you can actually attend sessions that aren’t technical.

This year I was able to listen to Whitney Johnson. Her session was about her book Disrupt Yourself. She summarizes the process of personal disruption in seven variables. But basically, for me at the heart of the book you have the idea that everybody is able to tackle these elements and disrupt oneself.

Human beings throughout history have been adapting to the circumstances, from environmental to cultural. Heraclitus, as quoted by Plato, said: “Everything changes and nothing stands still”. So, facing change is in our nature, we do it on a daily basis and have done it since the birth of mankind.

I think human beings are able to adapt to the different forces that affect us and change is, sometimes, given a bad connotation but it actually is one of the more enriching aspects of life and our ability to handle it, defines us.

Mrs Johnson, in her book, explains very clearly the elements we have to understand in order to disrupt oneself, you should definitively read it.

Cisco DNA

Chuck Robbins, Cisco’s CEO, said in the last Cisco Live: “Technology is the single most important driver of change”

The networking industry is changing and Cisco is leading the way, contributing to open source efforts like OpenDayLight, acquisitions such Tail-f, now Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) and reimagining the way the network should work with a new architecture like Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA).

Cisco has proven that change is in its DNA, so the new architecture name fits perfectly.

Although, change might sometimes frighten, as I mention in the previous section, it is part of who we are and basically our whole industry is based on the notion that change is here to make a significant impact.

Cisco is taking advantage of standards like NETCONF, RESTCONF and YANG, creating software that uses these standards, giving network engineers a new set of tools, enabling them to use their skills and these tools to simplify the network operations and freeing up time to provide more business and strategic value with their deep knowledge of networking. Technologies like CMX, APIC-EM, ACI and Cisco OpenSDN Controller will have a significant impact on the way the network is being managed.

I’m glad Cisco is embracing change. Digital Network Architecture is the path forward, it bridges the gap between the traditional way of doing networking and the new one in a heavily software influenced environment.

There’s never been a better time

I can’t agree more with this statement. Change has always been a part of us. With SDN influencing the industry, the leadership Cisco is taking and the resources made available like the Digital Network Architecture Community, the time to embrace change, disrupt yourself and start learning about Cisco APIs and programming languages is now.

The best place to start is the community mentioned before and the DevNet Page and learning labs.

Also, you can join the DevNet Spark room right at the Chat with Us button in the page.

Feel free to reach me on twitter (@josebogarin) if you have any comments or want to talk more about this.