My name is Jose Bogarín Solano. I’m the Chief Innovation Officer at Altus. We are a company with a heavy focus on Cisco technologies.

I have been involved in networking for the past 15 years, always with Cisco devices, at the time of this writing (2016-07-23), I’m CCNA, CCNP Design and CCNP Datacenter. However I am also in charge of the networking, software and cloud departments in the company, so basically, I try to have a general understanding of the whole Cisco portfolio, AWS and Azure offerings and software development best practices, which obviously is becoming harder as the time goes by.

This blog is in no way related to Altus. Although I am an important part of the company and I am always obliged to represent it in the best way possible, what I write here might sometimes be separate of the opinions that I would give in my formal role.